eGov, Enterprise
Tech Stack
Parity Ethereum, IPFS, REST API, React JS
"Woden" solution is a web application designed to provide a private system with two modules for electronic document management with a non-anonymous (open) voting module, which can be simply used for an enterprise environment. Registered users of the system have the functionality to create folders, upload files, provide access and transfer ownership of files and folders, it is also possible to view the history of file changes (versioning) and to check file matches. Another module of the application provides the functionality to open voting, based on any file, vote, and see the voting results, which could be used for instance to decide if some amendments to the document should be accepted or not. Our team has developed a platform that is based on Hyperledger Fabric as a Blockchain layer and IPFS technologies for information confidentiality. Blockchain technology guarantees the immutability and authenticity of data, as well as makes it impossible to hide changes. Since the data is unchanged, we can always establish the true owner of the file and get the entire history of its changes. We can also be sure of the veracity of voting results. With the help of Hyperledger Fabric, which is used as a system of access rights management, access is restricted to persons who do not have the necessary access rights. On the other hand, IPFS technology is used for a file system (directory structure and file management tools).  

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