Tech Stack
JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, React, Fabric-CA, jsrsasign, PostgreSQL, Fabric

Electrodo is an ecosystem for transactive energy management. It consists of:

  • ELTD Inter is a service that provides cross-platform interoperability and data exchange with the external systems through API to deliver flexibility and transparency.
  • ELTD Hub is a service for membership management that implements the digital certificates managing the process in accordance with dPKI based on X.509 standard increasing cybersecurity fault-tolerance.
  • ELTD DEX is a component providing the Assets Management and Energy OTC (Over-the-counter) trading services to control demand response using Smart contracts mechanism. This component provides the digital certificates to execute different types of contracts: Energy storage tolling contract, Capacity sales contract, Hybrid Power Purchase Contract, etc.
  • ELTD Doc is an electronic document management system for the high-quality management of electronic agreements in the energy market created to provide transparent control over documentation, which is guaranteed using Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS technologies.
  • ELTD Reg is a service that provides the issuance of registration certificates for structural elements of ecosystem members.

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Business Benefits
Trust environment | Compatibility of system elements | Distributed systems management | Interaction of energy structures’ elements

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