Tech Stack
JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, React, Fabric-CA, jsrsasign, PostgreSQL, Fabric
ECOSYSTEM FOR THE ENERGY ASSETS MANAGEMENT Electrodo provides distributed infrastructure for multi-microgrid networks. Electrodo ecosystem consists of:
    - ELTD HUB is service for membership management that implements the digital certificates managing the process in accordance with dPKI based on X.509 standard increasing cybersecurity fault-tolerance.
    - ELTD DEX is a component providing the Assets Management and Energy OTC trading services to control demand response using Smart contracts mechanism. This component provides the digital certificates to execute different types of contracts: Energy storage tolling contract, Capacity sales contract, Hybrid Power Purchase Contract, etc.
    - ELTD Doc is an electronic document management system for the high-quality management of electronic agreements in the energy market created to provide transparent control over documentation, which is guaranteed using Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS technologies.
    - Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) provides the information for the amount of energy, it's transfer, prices and digital assets (tokens) for trading. Blockchain holds a full history of trading for analytics and stores the replica of this history via trusted ways. It also provides the PKI in the core. The nodes holders could be anyone who gets the allowance to work in the system.