482.solutions and Symbol

482.solutions is an Associate SI Partner at Symbol

ABOUT Symbol

Symbol is an open-source blockchain platform BY NEM. Symbol has a hybrid blockchain solution is composed of two chains integrated with each other. 

Symbol is the trusted, secure value exchange network for business. Symbol smooths business friction, increasing the flow of data and innovation to supercharge the creation, exchange and protection of assets.

The Symbol SI Partner Program enables System Integrators to grow their business by providing blockchain services on the Symbol platform, with different levels of hands-on technical, marketing and sales support from the NEM team.

ABOUT NEM Group Ltd.

NEM ecosystem is a significant contributor to the next evolution of blockchain by ensuring mainstream adoption and use of NEM’s blockchain solutions. This can only be achieved through a strong, healthy ecosystem that works together through collaboration, transparency and openness. 

The NEM “New Economy Movement” seeks to provide enterprise-level clientele a more efficient way to verify and move blockchain assets. To this end, the company functions as the missing link between private and public blockchains by connecting these networks in ways that expand usability. Importantly, NEM was built from the ground up with the needs of large businesses in mind. This desire to meet the market’s requirements has led the platform to earn the nickname the “Smart Asset Blockchain.”

Symbol SI Partner Program

The Symbol SI Partner Program is designed to expand the ecosystem of Symbol professionals and to support the uptake of Symbol blockchain with Enterprise customers around the world.

Symbol is a platform where everyone can implement blockchain in their business, with their own unique settings and needs. Thanks to hybrid solutions, companies can use all the logic of their business processes to optimize costs. This is really effective because custom processes will have an optimal expenditure.

Blockchain, as a technology, is already being studied and implemented at various levels of life. For convenience, for optimization, for the economy. Previously, only large companies with budgets for development and specialists could afford this. However, the future is ever changing and we are here to support and assist companies in their success and transformation.

Together, everything is possible.

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