482.solutions on Kharkiv Digital

Seeking to develop the blockchain community in Ukraine, 482.solutions actively supports and takes part in topical events in our country. In particular, we became sponsors and presented a report at Kharkiv Digital — a conference that unites experts in blockchain and digital transformation that can share their experience with all interested attendees.

Conference took place in Unit.City in Kharkiv on November 29th, where 18 speakers from top blockchain startups, IT-companies, and government institutions presented their reports on digital transformation, and how it impacts both business and social development. CEO of 482.solutions Roman Kravchenko gave a presentation on “Blockchain and P2P Energy Infrastructure”. This topic highlighted the specification of implementing blockchain technology and peer-to-peer approach to the energy sector.

In general, the conference content program was rich with various cases and researches presented by leading specialists of Ukrainian companies, representatives of state institutions, and independent experts. Topics covered the most relevant issues in blockchain and digital transformation, representing a real interest for those who work within this sphere, including the IT industry, finance, entrepreneurship and those interested in digital innovations.

The event succeeded in establishing an interesting community of digital enthusiasts and experts from all over Ukraine that exchanged their knowledge and experience on technical and business issues. As conference sponsors, we took part in the key discussions and help a lot of meetings with conference attendees.

Being rich with innovative ideas, experienced speakers and attendees, Kharkiv Digital became an unforgettable experience, and we were pleased to become a part of the conference. We wanted to express our thanks to Distributed Lab for the organization, constant support and fruitful cooperation.

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