Breitling Implements Blockchain Digital Identity For Its Timepieces

Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling has introduced the new digital passport for its timepieces that can securely connect them with their owners, using blockchain technology. The company decided to implement Arianee blockchain to prove the authenticity and ownership of a limited edition timepiece.

The new blockchain-based solution was first implemented for buyers of the “Top Time” watch that is not available in limited edition - only 2000 pieces have been put on sale. This model is known for 1965 James Bond flick Thunderball, where one of the first version has appeared. 

Breitling will now provide its customers with -warranty cards to owners, which can be scanned to download an encrypted private wallet. All data for each model will be stored on a blockchain, including details such as the serial number and date of warranty activation. Breitling has an e-warranty program in place that will work in tandem with the blockchain digital passport of the watch.

Another feature of the new solution that the blockchain system will be able to track and record other information, including maintenance activities of the watch. This will prove that the watch is serviced only by authorized specialists and has only original components.

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