Gasnor Implements Blockchain To Gas Supply Chain in Argentina

One of the largest gas companies in Argentina, Gasnor, uses blockchain to cut costs spent on installation of gas stations, gas transfer, and accompanying  documentation. The new blockchain platform Gasnet was launched in partnership with Argentine blockchain company IOV Labs and implemented after receiving permission from Argentina’s national gas regulator to pilot a smart contract-based certification platform.

Gasnet project developed by IOV Labs and blockchain firm Grupo Sabra especially for Gasnor that is currently providing their services for more than 2 million customers in Argentina. In the future, this project aims to unite all nine gas distribution companies in Argentina onto the blockchain platform. 

Gasnet is built on the permissioned RSK Enterprise blockchain and records all transactions for certification of new gas installations and reconnection of services. It connects customers, gas installers, the big gas distributors and the regulator, Enargas, using a single platform. 

The key goals for the platform are the automation of paper processes and to monitor the quality and safety of 10,000 gas service providers who connect consumers to the gas network.

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