i4Trust innovation program

FIWARE Foundation, iSHARE and FundingBox announced the start of 17 experiments that will be aimed at the development of innovative services based on the i4Trust platform.

We are very happy to announce that 482.solutions has been selected with the ESG.Electrodo project for the i4Trust innovation program.

ESG.Electrodo is a software application for ESG data and risk management. The goal of our project is to implement a methodology and develop a digital solution ESG.Electrodo, which stimulates and accelerates the transition of industrial enterprises of the food and agricultural industries to a low-carbon economy. This will be possible through the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles based on climate-related data, the application of the TCFD Recommendations risk management framework and the use of i4Trust technology blocks (FIWARE and iShare). As part of the project, an experiment will be conducted on the collection, structuring, processing and exchange (disclosure) of financial ESG data between the participants of the project consortium, production enterprises of the agricultural industry of Ukraine and Spain.

17 European experiments from twelve countries were selected as part of the second open i4Trust competition (and we are the only selected project from Ukraine).

Covering real-world use cases in agri-food, construction, smart cities, energy, environment, logistics, manufacturing, mobility, ports and tourism, the experiments will demonstrate how existing processes can be improved and new innovative services can be created through secure and efficient data exchange between smart applications.

The goal of i4Trust is to support different players in creating data spaces, relying on common standards-based mechanisms for data interoperability, data value creation, and data sovereignty and trust.

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