482.solutions continues to contribute to ESG initiatives and got the EUREKA grant

PyDEN-Electrodo project gets the EUREKA label and grant.

Finally we have got this achievement.

Information about the award of the Eureka label to our joint project with the Singapore company Pylon City was announced separately on official websites Ministry of Education and Science and Ukrainian Foundation of Startups.

482.solutions in cooperation with Singapore company Pylon City won the international contest EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call with the project — PyDEN-Electrodo: Sustainable Energy Tracking / Achieving Sustainable Living with End-to-End Energy Tracking on a Blockchain.

"The significant stage for Ukraine, for the first time, only last year joined the EUREKA Globalstars-Singapore Call international initiative, and immediately won. Of the 273 participants from 14 member countries of EUREKA and Singapore, there was a domestic team, which speaks of the great potential of our country, even in such science-intensive tasks." comments Pavlo Kartashov, Director of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

In January, we announced that the joint project 482.solutions and Pylon City received the support of the jury of the Ukrainian Startup Fund as part of the selection in the Eureka grant program. The basis for the national evaluation is the general EUREKA eligibility criteria and national eligibility criteria.

“This project is a powerful opportunity for us, Ukrainian innovators, to realize our engineering and scientific potential through participation in Singapore's innovative energy ecosystem. It is also an effective opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Blockchain technology and transaction cost theory to solve energy applications. Thanks to this project, Ukraine will have a unique opportunity to transfer experience and technology from Singapore.”

Roman Kravchenko (CEO at Electrodo and 482.solutions)

In the joint Eureka’s R&D project 482.solutions (Ukraine) together with Pylon City (Singapore) will create a P2P Energy and Renewable Energy Certificates trading platform. This platform supports a sustainable living through accounting, digitization, and gamification of green energy consumption using blockchain technology based on IBM Hyperledger Fabric.

PyDEN platform (product of Pylon City) uses the Electrodo ecosystem (product of 482.solutions) as a distributed digital infrastructure layer to build a platform for trustful and secure economic interactions and incentivization between property owners, tenants/occupants during generating, storing, selling, buying and consumption clean energy.

As an experimental site and testbed PyDEN-Electrodo platform will use a housing module from Project Shea (joint initiative of the Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy and Mistletoe Inc. Japan).

The economic impact of the project includes:
• Reduction in grid operations costs, translating to savings
• More flexible terms; no exclusive or binding contracts
• Transparent dealings with other consumers

This project in cooperation with our Singapore-partners Pylon City and Ecolabs will be an excellent start for a sustainable access to clean energy and to ensure the right priority is put on vital decarbonisation projects.

“Our victory in the Eureka grant program is an important achievement for 482.solutions. We are focused on the markets of Europe and ASEAN and consider the partnership with Ecolabs and Pylon City as strategic. ”

Leonid Hatskevich (CBDO at Electrodo and 482.solutions)

We need to focus on projects that will help to transform our society and economy in the next decade as we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and transition to clean energy to respond to the climate emergency facing us all.

Creating a carbon free world ensures that we can continue to enjoy our home planet for decades to come.

Ultimately, the path to secure a better future depends on all of us.


In 1985, visionary politicians and policymakers came together with a simple idea: to mobilise the huge innovative potential of European businesses and academia through public support and promotion of cross border collaboration in applied R&D.

Thirty-five years and 7,500 R&D projects later, their brainchild lives on - and is more relevant than ever. It is called Eureka.

EUREKA provides a platform for international Research, Development and Innovation cooperation and facilitates access to finance for companies involved in its projects. EUREKA uses a ‘bottom-up’ principle – ensuring that any R&D project with a good business plan receives the support it deserves, independent of its technological nature, or the type of organisations involved.

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