482.solutions and BAU presented White Paper for e-Government

Today, Ukraine is in a period where digitalization has just begun to shift from words to the point: citizens are gradually given access to various digital services, and e-government is already at the development stage within the framework of the global “State in Smartphone” project.

Thanks to this, we have unique solutions for the creation of digital public management using XXI century technologies, thus making a breakthrough from the conditional version of eGov-2.0 to eGov-4.0, which can become a key competitive advantage of Ukraine on the geopolitical map of the world and a reference example for other countries.

The 482.solutions team, together with the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, presented solutions within the framework of the “State and Blockchain” concept, which you can find in White Paper “Blockchain Technology in the eGov Sector”.

The use cases and benefits of blockchain:

  • Identification and identity of persons;
  • Transport security;
  • Data entry and storage;
  • Energy management;
  • General government services;
  • Healthcare;
  • Social assistance distribution;
  • Border and customs control;
  • Decision-making and voting process;
  • Issue of national digital currencies.

We also analyzed the use cases and development of blockchain technology in the eGovernment in the following areas:

  • Digital identity and national identification system;
  • State registers;
  • State documentation management system;
  • The system of confidential information exchange;
  • Electronic voting;
  • Administrative services providing;
  • Marketplaces/auctions;
  • Smart City and Industry 4.0;
  • Healthcare.

White Paper links (ENG & UA versions):

“Blockchain technology in eGov sector” — http://bit.ly/32GBo3S

“Блокчейн технологія в eGov секторі” –http://bit.ly/3629oKW

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