482.solutions and Blonde 2.0 announce strategic partnership providing out-of-the-box solutions for blockchain startups

As part of the R&D project, the 482.solutions team has developed a prototype marketplace for the management of inventories and the sale/purchase of electricity using Blockchain technology.

Today, one of the top blockchain research & development company 482.solutions and award-winning global PR agency Blonde 2.0 announced a strategic partnership to provide a full range service for blockchain-based startups.

The companies will collaborate to deliver unique service feature set that will improve efficiency of customer`s investments in product development and implementation of market entry strategy. Proposed service packages will prove highly valuable to any ambitious blockchain entrepreneur or team world-wide. Known for their R&D expertise, 482.solutions develops software technologies in blockchain-based products for faster solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing the industry. Blonde 2.0, for its part, was engaged in successful promotion of more than 80 blockchain projects, including Bancor and Waves, as well as enterprise customers, such as Microsoft, HP, AIG, Panasonic, PWC and Viber.

“By partnering with Blonde 2.0, 482.solutions now ready to raise the level of our strategic desire to provide the most professional services in the market” said Vladimir Malakchi, CMO of 482.solutions. “Combining our technology experience with Blonde 2.0 creativity in promotion and PR means that together we can provide one of the industry leading solution.

About 482.solutions

482.solutions is one of the top world blockchain development company inspired by technology and world-changing ideas that provide crypto research and development services. we provide Research and Development in blockchain, smart contracts and security engineering, IoT and Robotics development. We are a solid technology team that builds the infrastructure and applications that enable a decentralized world.

About Blonde 2.0

Blonde 2.0 is an award-winning global PR agency with offices in Boston and Tel Aviv which was founded in 2006 by Ayelet Noff, named one of Business Insider’s 50 Best tech PR people in the world. Led by Ayelet and Motti Peer as Co-CEOs, both featured as the top movers and shakers in the startup nation by Forbes, this team of over 35 professionals has become one of the globe’s leading forces in PR for blockchain and crypto, startups, tech startups, enterprises, and VCs.

More information you can find at: blonde20.com and 482.solutions