482.solutions Joined the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU)

482.solutions is a company that not only helps to develop the international business but also provides support to the Ukrainian IT industry. Moreover, we are always ready to assist the digitalization of various sectors, including both state and industrial, with the help of the blockchain.

Against the backdrop of an innovative wave of blockchain solutions for industry, as well as active scientific and educational activities, 482.solutions became the first representative of the blockchain industry among the participants of the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU).

It is worth noting that the Association represents the interests of the Ukrainian industrial automation community — vendors, integrators of automated process control systems-IT, developers, machine builders, universities, customers. It is based on the principles of collaboration and jointly solving common problems inherent to many progressive communities, including in Ukraine. In turn, 482.solutions was named by APPAU representatives as the “hope in the blockchain integration into Industry 4.0”.

Today, APPAU includes more than 50 players from all the market categories. This is the recognized leader in the Ukrainian Industry 4.0, the creator of the national strategy 4.0, the Fundator of Technical Committee 185 (IEC/ISO standards), a partner of many industrial and high-tech opinion leaders. APPAU closely cooperates with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in setting the agenda for the development of industrial high-tech markets.

482.solutions’ representatives as a new APPAU member were invited to the conference, which became a kind of “reporting” meeting of the Industry 4.0 community, where participants evaluated their annual results. 482.solutions’ CEO, Roman Kravchenko, and a specialist of the sales and marketing department, Sergii Grygoriev, met the main APPAU participants and discussed how Ukraine should be positioned in global 4.0.

It is worth noting that 482.solutions fully shares the APPAU desire to digitize processes throughout the whole chain of creating added products’ value, launching smart products and changing business models. For this reason, a leading blockchain engineering company supported the Industry4Ukraine manifesto. Recognizing the key importance of industrial development for the Ukrainian economy from the standpoint of the contribution of the sector to the creation of jobs, exports, and the development of innovative potential, the APPAU participants urge the newly elected President, the future composition of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, political parties to make Ukraine’s industrial policy issues a top priority on the political agenda. Thus, supporting the course for the integration of Ukraine into the European and global space, the APPAU calls on all branches of state power to position Ukraine in the world as an industrial and technological Power.

This appeal is logical from the point of 482.solutions’ view since blockchain specialists have long been conducting educational activities with representatives of the country’s political sector. For example, at the end of the year, an introductory lecture on blockchain technology was held at the Vocational Training Center. The event was organized for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and was held by 482.solutions’ CEO Roman Kravchenko and Leonid Foiu-Khatskevych, Head of innovation at 482.solutions. Experts in an accessible form presented to the audience basic and applied aspects of the blockchain technology, led to many possibilities of using blockchain solutions in both public administration and business in Ukraine.

The blockchain technology is one of the promising means of modernizing both Ukrainian society and the whole state.

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