EcoLabs Open House among participants at the official opening of Singapore Centre of Innovation for Energy continues to develop an international presence and strategic business direction in Singapore.

By strengthening cooperation with the Centre of Innovation for Energy Nanyang Technological University EcoLabs (NTU EcoLabs) started in 2020, participated in the EcoLabs Open House for the official opening event of the Singapore Centre of Innovation for Energy. As part of the event, CEO Roman Kravchenko presented the company's product - Electrodo. Electrodo is a software that helps companies manage climate-related risks and financial assets, by monetizing sustainable development models.




EcoLabs Open House is a seminal event in the development of the EcoLabs innovation ecosystem, with the participation of program partners, investors, and SMEs/start-ups. The event focused on the latest updates, milestones and achievements, development plans and new EcoLabs co-innovation programs. OCBC, Mistletoe, Chrysalix Venture Capital, Blue Ashva Capital, High Commission of Canada to Singapore, KOTRA Singapore, Bureau Veritas, and others presented their partner programs.


EcoLabs innovation ecosystem


The launch of the EcoLabs Digital Twin Co-Innovation Lab, a joint initiative of EcoLabs and Ara Ake - was also presented at the event. That programme was successfully concluded with a knowledge sharing session from IBM and Emerson.




These programs and initiatives represent the NTU EcoLabs' vision to bring together corporate partners across industries, as well as venture capitalists, SMEs and start-ups, into a common cluster of energy innovation.

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Nanyang Technological University Singapore’s EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy (NTU EcoLabs) was setup in 2019. NTU EcoLabs was established to build and accelerate deep-tech energy innovation capabilities in Singapore to support the nation’s future energy transition by providing Singapore based energy start-ups and SMEs with essential translation facilities, technical support, and connections to commercialize their innovation efforts into the market. software engineering provider specializing in industrial solutions using decentralized and Blockchain technologies. The core competence of the company is the creation of solutions that transform traditional economic systems and accelerate their development through the use of distributed models. Main application areas: Energy, FinTech, Green & Sustainable Finance.


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