Participation in the 0x Hackathon

In December, CoinList Build, a platform for conducting online hackathons for blockchain companies, was launched. The first hackathon conducted on this platform was Hackathon: Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses from 0x, the event attracted more than 50 projects and, of course, specialists could not miss it.

Vitali Grabovski, blockchain developer, is included in the HODL API project. It should be noted that among dozens of projects and more than 700 registrations, the HODL API received more than 650 votes from platform users, which is an excellent result and a professionalism indicator of our company members.

About the project

HODL API provides an option to get historical crypto trading data from various sources (started from Binance and 0x). With the help of their tool customers are able to test their strategies. Moreover, HODL API has already few paying customers for that.

Project creators are planning to provide a complete solution for market making. So the user will be able to quickly test and apply their strategies to the market.

More about HODL API.