Strategic partnership and DTEK – on the way to sustainable development

In the context of the current systemic crisis and the accompanying transformational shifts in economic, financial, technological and ecological systems, the state, business and people around the world must begin to coordinate their efforts against the unprecedented challenges that have arisen. In this process, business has traditionally been assigned the role of a driver and catalyst for necessary changes. To a large extent, the speed and cost of getting out of the current crisis, both of the business itself and of society as a whole, depends on the coordination of companies' actions. In turn, this stimulates companies to move from models of competition to models of consortia and partnerships, in which a synergistic effect is possible.

The energy sector as a life support infrastructure for all sectors of the economy and value chains is subject to transformation like no other. This is reflected in the emergence of fundamentally new topologies of energy systems, roles, energy assets and energy market segments that require innovative technologies, including digital ones.

Ivan Balashov, Chief Financial Officer of and Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK

These principles served as the basis for the cooperation between and DTEK. According to the memorandum of cooperation, is a strategic partner of DTEK in the field of blockchain technologies and will continue to work on the implementation of joint projects and digital solutions for energy transition and sustainable development. The corresponding document was signed by DTEK Chief Innovation Officer Emanuele Volpe and CFO Ivan Balashov.

“We started working on a joint pilot project together with We are going to create a platform for managing the guarantees of origin of renewable electricity based on blockchain technology. With the help of this technology, users of the power system will be able to verify the origin of electricity and be sure that this data cannot be falsified. Due to the fact that the system is decentralized, its participants (consumers, producers of raw materials and products, traders and others) act on equal and transparent terms"

Emanuele Volpe, CIO at DTEK and DTEK

“Our cooperation with DTEK is an important step for the development of sustainable technologies in Ukraine. Together we will be able to implement ambitious projects that comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles, which both companies adhere to”

Ivan Balashov, Chief Financial Officer of

This memorandum became possible due to more than two years of cooperation between DTEK and in the field of blockchain technologies


Previously, projects have already been presented at the BLUE OCEAN SHIFT: BEYOND COMPETING conference.

One of the key elements of cooperation was also educational events on blockchain technologies, which were organized by specialists for DTEK's management, in particular, the corporate course "Blockchain for Business or how an enterprise can build a trusted environment".

In addition, organized the Innovations in Energy conference, which was attended by DTEK's CIO Emanuele Volpe.

About is a software provider specializing in innovative solutions using decentralized technologies. The key competence of is the creation of solutions for Industry 4.0 in areas such as blockchain, digital identity, decentralized asset management, financial products and services. is a member of the EcoLabs Energy Innovation Center (joint initiative of Nanyang Technological University and Enterprise Singapore and the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore). develops product  Electrodo -  software service for climate-related risk management to increase enterprise market value. By implementing TCFD Recommendations Electrodo helps companies identify, assess and manage climate-related risks across enterprise value chains. has an international office in Singapore, as well as a head office and R&D office in Ukraine (Odessa).

About DTEK

DTEK is the leader and largest private investor in the energy industry in Ukraine. DTEK enterprises extract coal and natural gas, generate electricity at solar, wind and thermal power plants, trade energy resources in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, distribute and supply electricity to consumers, provide customers with energy efficiency services and develop a network of high-speed charging stations.

In the new 2030 strategy, DTEK committed to transforming its business into a greener, more efficient and technological one, guided by ESG principles. The strategic goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. For this, the best expertise in the industry has been created to introduce innovations and new technologies, create new business areas and implement a large-scale digital transformation program.

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