482.solutions Among Leading Ukrainian Startups at DTEK`s Event

On November 16, Ukraine’s largest energy holding DTEK’s initiated a strategic dialogue on how the concept of value innovation can bring Ukraine to a new level of transformation.

Professor Chan Kim, author of the bestseller “Blue Ocean Strategy”, gave a lecture BLUE OCEAN SHIFT: BEYOND COMPETING, which opened the discussion on the need to introduce value innovations by the owners and founders of leading domestic companies.

482.solutions were presented at the exposition of leading Ukrainian startups and innovative companies.

Our team, represented by Leonid Khatskevych, Head of the IoT at 482.solutions, and blockchain journalist Daria Kot, showed the 482.solutions’ projects for the distributed energy market and document workflow, gathering a lot of positive feedback from industry experts. In addition, Leonid Hatskevych talked to DTEK CEO — Maksym Timchenko, which confirmed that the energy industry vector is directed towards blockchain and distribution.

CEO of DTEK company Maxim Timchenko and Leonid Khatskevych

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