482.solutions and Hive.id Partnership

Hive.id is a complete self-sovereign identity management solution that institutes a system of relationships between businesses and consumers. It is designed to create, manage and protect the unique sovereign Digital Identities of consumers while addressing the needs of businesses at the same time: affordable KYC/AML compliance, integrated Customer Due Diligence mechanism, fraud prevention, account takeover prevention, account, and promo abuse, etc.

Hive.id graduated from Startup Wise Guys Cyber North Acceleration program and 2019 was full of new achievements for this team. The project became the leader in such nominations as Top20 Estonian Startups, Finalist Slush Top100 2019, Winner Ferris Wheel 2019, Winner Fintech track 2019. Hive.id was also a participant of Viva Technology Paris 2019 Orange Startup Program.

We are pleased to work with such a high-tech project to achieve common goals and provide our professional support to Hive.id.

“The 482.solutions team has been providing tremendous support to our project from the first day. Initially, they were partners in the development of the blockchain for Hive.id, but now they can be called full-fledged advisers, as they help with solving various issues, based on their many years of experience”,

Konstantyn Shterental, CEO Hive.id.

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