482.solutions Participated In GUAM Summit

On December 12th, 482.solutions representatives, Head of IoT Leonid Khatskevych and Account Manager Veronika Vasilieva took part in the summit of countries-participants of GUAM — organization, aiming at the promotion of peace, security, stability, cooperation and sustainable development in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basins region. On this day, representatives of four countries-members of the organization (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova) discussed a series of significant issues connected with state and private sector partnership in the realization of key GUAM projects on supporting trade and transportation.

In particular, organization members have underlined the importance of innovative IT platforms and modern digital technologies for the development of cooperation in different areas in particular in trade and transportation and digitalization of transport corridors is a high priority for simplification and acceleration of cargo flow. Their discussion resulted in a signed decision to support all initiatives and projects of the Steering Committee of the Project for Trade and Transportation Facilitation that is currently working on the application of blockchain technologies for verification of certificates of the origin of goods and functioning and mutual recognition of authorized economic operators.

Moreover, a high priority has been given to further assistance and development of GUAM Digital Trade Hub that is a powerful tool for various innovative approaches to trade and transportation between countries-participants.

During the session, Head of IoT Department at 482.solutions and Ambassador of Blockchain Association of Ukraine Leonid Khatskevych stood up with a speech about the role of blockchain technologies in international economic cooperation. Leonid has also highlighted the significant role of education in the process of economic digitalization in the region. Being a strong supporter of various educational projects and initiatives, 482.solutions has already launched lectures and meetings with students in several universities in Kyiv, Odesa, and Zaporizhia, such as the National University Of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Zaporizhia National Technical University, Odesa I.I.Mechnikov National University, and other institutions. Having real practical experience and desire to educate Ukrainian specialists, 482.solutions proposed our expertise and skills to be used in various working groups and other formations to develop blockchain standardization together.

Being full of various proposals and discussions, this summit resulted in a joined statement, signed by the representatives of all countries-participants. Another significant document was a protocol of intentions between associations on the integration of blockchain technologies. Thus, GUAM made a huge step towards blockchain-based solutions implemented in their economic cooperation.