482.solutions and iGov signed a Memorandum of Understanding

482.solutions supports the vector of the innovative development of Ukraine and the digitization of all processes. We support and promote technological progress that automates and simplifies many operations, making citizens’ lives more comfortable and secure.

482.solutions will partner with the iGov government services portal, the E-coalition initiative, and the iDoc solution to create new approaches to the development of distributed digital infrastructure using blockchain technologies and DL (distributed ledger) solutions for eGovernment industry.

In order to further strengthen the relations and development of the state digital infrastructure 482.solutions and iCore Technology will jointly create innovative solutions to further public services digitization and make citizens’ life easier.

At the heart of our interaction are the important issues of using blockchain technologies for the development of government digital infrastructure. The purpose of the Memorandum of Cooperation is to bring to a new level electronic document flow, electronic voting, and budgetary control thanks to the benefits of using blockchain technology, which will allow for direct public governance and local budgeting on the ground.

Joint work under this Memorandum will be undertaken through participation in projects for the development of methodological, conceptual and software solutions for the iGov project, the E-coalition initiative, and the iDoc system.

Developers will also share experiences and information that will provide additional opportunities for new initiatives and research.

By promoting and implementing the digital state paradigm, distributed technologies, and by promoting experience and software, we will be able to build a country with high-quality, transparent and effective eGovernment services.