482.solutions Became Partners with Ukrainian Electromobility Association

Being an active member of various initiatives within the market of innovative technologies, 482.solutions became partners with the Ukrainian Electromobility Association.

This is a great opportunity for both of us to share the experience in the sphere of electric vehicles and blockchain-based solutions for machinery in Ukraine and on the world arena.

Our team is ready to announce the collaboration with Ukrainian Electromobility Association to support their growing progress in the region. This is a great stimulus for the evolution of the whole green energy industry in Ukraine.

Following the key tendencies in the sphere of innovative technologies in the machinery and vehicle market, Ukraine is currently growing its number of electric car owners. This shift towards more ergonomic and clean transportation is already a leading trend in the European vehicle market, where the percentage of electric cars is almost 25% of the global fleet, according to the International Energy Agency.

With the speedy growth in the number of electric vehicles being imported in the country each year, Ukraine had to adapt to the new market demand and provide vehicle users with a developing network of legal norms and solutions. Due to this request, electric car users and vendors decided to create an association that will support this speedy market growth and assist Ukrainian market in being more welcome and properly adapted for electric cars.

Association was launched in 2015 as a response to the aforementioned transformations, defining their core targets as the popularization of this type of vehicles among the population, development of broad network of electric cars charging stations, adoption of official state documents supporting the development of clean energy vehicles infrastructure and maintain stable production and research process in this sphere.

Being a strong supporter of innovations in all spheres of business, we also see the necessity to develop Ukrainian vehicle market in the sphere of green energy. We highly support their mission and hope that our cooperation will result in new effective solutions for clean energy vehicles that will help their further development and growth.

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