482.solutions Collaborates With Energy Web

Reaching new horizons in the field of blockchain technologies, 482.solutions is actively developing the connections with experts in the Energy field. We are pleased to announce our cooperation with Energy Web Foundation- the world’s largest energy blockchain ecosystem.

Providing blockchain expertise for the projects from all over the world, we focus our attention on several most innovative industries. In particular, we actively develop solutions for the Energy sector. Growing our experience and knowledge within this sphere, we give special attention to collaborative work with reputable, reliable companies. Through such collaborations, both we and our partners can increase the level of expertise in the focus spheres, find new perspective markets and start new collaborative projects.

Thus, the start of our work with the Energy Web Foundation became a great step towards our mutual development and strengthening. Being a recognized leader in the sphere of decentralized technological solutions for the energy market, Energy Web steadily develops new projects and features that can be effectively implemented within the energy market. For 482.solutions, constant improvement of our technological innovations and searching for new solutions are also the greatest priority, inspiring our work with new projects and improving the existing technologies. This makes us perfect associates and cooperators, creating a fruitful environment for increasing our mutual development.

Energy Web Foundation is one of the leaders in the sphere of blockchain technologies that actively works with various projects in the energy sphere. They have become pioneers in an enterprise-grade blockchain platform development, providing required services for market regulation.

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