482.solutions PLAYBOOK 2019

At the end of December, it is customary to sum up the year. We don’t know who invented this, but we definitely like this tradition, because we can look at all 365 days from the outside, to thank colleagues and partners, and also set new goals for next year.

In Playbook 2019, we collected our main achievements, and also displayed the vector of further development of the 482.solutions team.

“For 482.solutions, 2019 was a year of action!”

Leonid Khatskevych, Head of IoT at 482.solutions

482.solutions is a regular member of working groups and initiatives to introduce technology into the real economy and the public sector.

2019 has become a year of concentration on the blockchain: global companies are massively implementing blockchain solutions, the community no longer confuses the concepts of Bitcoin and Blockchain, and Ukraine is slowly but surely moving into the era of digitalization, which we are actively helping it in.

The real technological enthusiasts and technical specialists of our company for 2019 made many breakthroughs — from cooperation with other states, with the aim of combining Ukrainian and foreign IT communities, to developing a project on distributed energy. Moreover, we don’t forget about the importance of education in such a specific niche as blockchain, therefore we are actively writing scientific articles and giving lectures at the country’s top universities.

And now, first things first.

Conquering new continents

Sometimes we get the impression that borders on Earth were canceled, because this year representatives of the 482.solutions team visited Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kenya, Uganda, Amsterdam, Paris, Minsk, Batumi… And in some of these cities, we were even several times.

Introducing the Asian Blockchain Ecosystem

At the beginning of the year, the company’s founders completed the large-scale Roadshow in Asia and returned with a wealth of experience and results.

Read more about our adventures and achievements in Asia, please clickhere.

In Malaysia, representatives of 482.solutions met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Malaysia, Olexander Nechytaylo, and also with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia, met with MAMPU representatives on cooperation in the development and research of innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. We also met with representatives of MIGHT (The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology), where we discussed the possibilities of using blockchain technology in projects in the financial sector of Malaysia and the direction of development and transformation of the digital economy.

In addition to new interactions, 482.solutions experts participated in leading conferences in Asia as speakers.

Finext in Singapore was visited by CEO of 482.solutions Roman Kravchenko, and Leonid Khatskevych, Head of IoT Department, spoke at IoT Asia. Also in Hong Kong, 482.solutions CEO Roman Kravchenko took part in the Cybersecurity Panel: “Feeling Safe: Security, Privacy and Blockchain” as a speaker at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 with Meikei Leong (CTO at ASTRI 香港 應用 科技 研究院 ) and David Huseby (Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation).

The next wave in the Asian interaction ocean

During the first trip to Asia, we realized how important it is to study in detail the local ecosystem and at the end of the year, we went there for the second time in order to strengthen our position in the international arena.

Hyperledger point

We are constantly working to strengthen our positions and expertise in the field of distributed energy, so one of the main tasks was to exchange experience with experts in implementing innovative approaches in this industry. The Hyperledger project is one of the technology leaders in developing open-source blockchain solutions for various industries.

As part of our meeting with Hyperledger Vice President Julian Gordon, we discussed the prospects for using blockchain technology in renewable energy in China. We were able to identify the main ways for further interaction of 482.solutions and Hyperledger, and also discussed possible options for cooperation in future projects.

We were also able to meet with Makoto Takemiya, CEO of Soramitsu, the company that developed Hyperledger Iroha. We are pleased that we were able to identify possible ways of our cooperation and receive valuable information from one of the leaders in developing blockchain solutions in Asia.

Ubin Phase 5

The banking sector is one of those industries where blockchain technology has demonstrated its advantages. In this regard, we were very pleased to take part in the presentation of Phase 5 of the Ubin project and get acquainted with its representatives.

As our team is actively working on the implementation of blockchain technologies in the energy sector, so the meeting at CleanTech Park became very productive, during which we met with representatives of NTU (Nanyang Technological University), and with the head of EcoLabs Center of Innovation for Energy, Mahesh Kumar, who oversees a program that includes projects for the development of distributed energy infrastructure and Smart Grid.

Microsoft Singapore visiting

Microsoft is a real global tech giant, while its Azure project has a special place in the overall innovation project development. 482.solutions representatives have visited Microsoft office in Singapore, where there was held a fruitful conversation with Andrey Tereknov, Azure Marketing Manager, APAC HQ at Microsoft. We have discussed the perspectives of the innovative APAC sphere. We want to express our thanks to Andrey for our productive conversation and excursion over the Microsoft Singapore office.

Support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore

The Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore provides comprehensive support in establishing relations between the technological sector of Ukraine and the Asian region. We managed to meet with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Singapore Dmytro Senik. During the meeting, we not only were able to share experience in establishing new ties in Singapore but also discussed the prospects of using blockchain technologies in the field of eGov, FinTech, as well as in the energy sector. We are very grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore for continued support and assistance in establishing new contacts in the APAC region.

Malaysia: new acquaintances and strengthening partnerships in Kuala Lumpur

After visiting Singapore, we continued to develop the Asian industry in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

It is extremely important for 482.solutions to strengthen existing partnerships, thus it was a great opportunity for us to hold a collaborative event with our partners and associates from ProximaX. In the frames of our meetup, we were able to share our achievements and general tendencies of innovative technological development in Ukraine and Malaysia. We had an exciting discussion, where took part Roman Kravchenko, CEO of 482.solutions, Lon Wong, Founder and CEO at ProximaX, as well as Alvin Reyes, Co-Founder, and CTO at ProximaX. Alexander Ivanov, Chief R&D Officer at 482.solutions, moderated this panel discussion.

Participation in a number of meetings and conferences as part of the visit to Singapore and Malaysia has become a source of new ideas and goals. We were able to meet a number of new companies developing in the field of energy and eGov, as well as meet our like-minded partners. In addition, we learned more about the specifics of the technological development of the markets of Singapore and Malaysia and also held meetings with the ambassadors of Ukraine in these countries. The Asian market is at its peak and we are pleased to be part of this. Next, we are waiting for the implementation of the goals and building a whole chain of interaction with this region.


To be on another mainland? This is not a problem for us! Leonid Khatskevych visited Africa with a business tour, where he spent fruitful days meeting with representatives of the Blockchain Kenya Association with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in Kenya. And as a result of the 482.solutions diplomatic mission, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and the Blockchain Association of Kenya.

Moreover, Leonid attended the Africa Blockchain Conference in Uganda as a speaker. Along with the presidents of Uganda and Sierra Leone, as well as world technical experts, Leonid discussed the preparation of Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Returning to Europe, we went to Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 in Amsterdam, where Roman Kravchenko took part in a panel discussion on the “Advantages and challenges of integrating Blockchain into your business model”, and also discussed the advantages and challenges of using blockchain in a P2P economy.

We are pleased that states are beginning to realize the need for digitalization. For example, France is a country that knows that its future must be honest, transparent and automated. Alexander Ivanov, Chief R&D Office visited Paris and received many insights.

eGovernment direction

Blockchain technology is developing so fast that it becomes difficult for states to stay away. An event took place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that has become historically important for the development of the blockchain industry in Ukraine.

Between institutions such as the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and Communications, as well as the Ministry of Digital Transformation with the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, the leading participants of which is 482.solutions, and other market representatives signed a memorandum that will give impetus to the development of blockchain technology in the country.

482.solutions were part of the Blockchain Ukraine working group and actively participated in the preparation of the draft law, which should determine the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as initiatives to introduce blockchain technology in eGov services, as well as in the project to create the Ukrainian Crypto Valley.

In Memorandum 482.solutions, together with Blockchain Association of Ukraine, proposed the introduction of blockchain technology in the eGov sector.

As part of the initiative, a White Paper for eGov was presented, which reveals all the scenarios for the implementation of blockchain technology in the public sector of Ukraine.

The document is availablehere.

We hope that our initiative with other participants of the blockchain community will be the first step towards a breakthrough in the development of blockchain solutions in Ukraine!

Moreover, in order to promote technological progress in Ukraine, between 482.solutions and the IGov government services portal, as well as eCoalitionUA and iDoc, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the aim of creating innovative solutions in the framework of digitalizing the interaction of citizens with public services.

482.solutions becomes part of large associations

By implementing technology into various sectors, 482.solutions has become part of large and progressive associations.

482.solutions Joined the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine (APPAU)

Against the backdrop of an innovative wave of blockchain solutions for industry, as well as active scientific and educational activities, 482.solutions became the first representative of the blockchain industry among members of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine (APPAU).

It is worth noting that the Association represents the interests of the Ukrainian industrial automation community. It is based on the principles of collaboration and joint solutions of common problems typical to many progressive communities, including in Ukraine. In turn, 482.solutions was called by the representatives of APPAU “the hope of integrating the blockchain into Industry 4.0”.

482.solutions and Ukrainian Electromobility Association partnership

482.solutions also became partners with the Ukrainian Electromobility Association.

This is a great opportunity for both of us to share the experience in the sphere of electric vehicles and blockchain-based solutions for machinery in Ukraine and on the world arena.

Our team is ready to announce the collaboration with Ukrainian Electromobility Association to support their growing progress in the region. This is a great stimulus for the evolution of the whole green energy industry in Ukraine.

Main educational activities

Our experts have written and published over 30 articles for international media readers (Hackernoon, Cointelligence, The Daily Hodl, Coinspeaker, Blockspoint, etc), and we managed to create a large-scale scientific article for IEEE.

Roman Kravchenko, CEO of 482.solutions, presented the topic of our study, “Blockchain as a Transaction Protocol for Guaranteed Transfer of Values in Cluster Economic Systems with Digital Twins,” at the annual PICST conference organized by IEEE.

482.solutions specialists conducted dozens of educational lectures and meetings on popularizing blockchain technology for students of advanced computer schools in Ukraine and higher educational institutions.

For example, Artem Frantsiian, СTO of 482.solutions at National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” talked about the integration of blockchain systems into the Enterprise using Hyperledger Fabric.

R&D scope


482.solutions this year launched a joint work with the DTEK energy holding on consultations on the implementation of blockchain technology, in particular, the building of a distributed infrastructure for the electricity market.

Leonid Hatskevych, Head of IoT at 482.solutions and Maxim Tymchenko, CEO of DTEK

In this area, the DEMP project was created. The solution, which was developed on Hyperledger Fabric, allows participants to exchange electricity for digital assets. The system also provides the ability to perform accounting of generation and consumption of electricity. Hyperledger Fabric shows itself as a solution that integrates well into existing corporate information systems and IT management business processes (user and device access control policies, resource access control), unlike most modern Blockchain solutions, although it is rather complicated in deployment and configuration.

Read the White Paper by following the link.


Realizing that the existing document management systems, although they have undergone significant changes in recent years, and have also contributed to the optimization of many processes, they are still not perfected and have many vulnerabilities.

In turn, the 482.solutions team introduced the DOCMANS solution, which proves that the blockchain technology in conjunction with IPFS provides a safe and functional solution that allows establishing smooth operation with important documents within companies and government agencies. At the same time, the proposed system has undeniable advantages, since users of such a solution are provided with a trusted and secure working environment where no one can affect the reliability of the data, as well as deliberately capture them.

Read the White Paper by following the link.

Conference activities in Ukraine

In addition to participating in international events, the 482.solutions team doesn’t forget about the importance of supporting the Ukrainian blockchain community, speaking at local conferences.

Kyiv Blockchain Week 2019

KYIV BLOCKCHAIN WEEK 2019 was held in Kyiv at the beginning of autumn. During the week were educational and networking events, which brought together experts and fans of innovations and blockchain technology.

Our company contributed to Kyiv Blockchain Week by making presentations, participating in panel discussions and presenting our technology solutions at the stand of the main blockchain conference in Ukraine — BlockchainUA.

482.solutions experts prepared useful information for the visitors of the conference, and for the first time presented a new technological solution for distributed energy, demonstrating the evolutionary approach to this global industry.

Roman Kravchenko gave a presentation on “Blockchain — Infrastructure for the Digital Economy”, and Leonid Khatskevych revealed the topic of “Decentralized Identity and Municipal Services”.

Roman Kravchenko on BlockchainUA Technical stage

Moreover, 482.solutions’ CTO Artem Frantsiian, together with other industry professionals and IBM representatives, took part in the panel discussion “Cross industrial DLT application”. During the fruitful discussion, the topics of blockchain products from IBM were touched upon, in particular, the 482.solutions’ case, which reveals the modernization of the Electricity market.


Traditionally, blockchain developers from all over the country have been striving to make a real blockchain revolution in just 30 hours, creating their own prototypes of new projects.

482.solutions specialists Artem Frantsiian, Yevhenii Babichenko, and Hlib Kanunnikov were mentors of the hackathon and accompanied the participants throughout the event, and our CEO, Roman Kravchenko, evaluated the projects in the jury.

Interpipe TechFest

The 482.solutions team is always at the center of technological events and this time we have joined the Interpipe TechFest.

Head of IoT direction at 482.solutions and the ambassador of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine Leonid Khatskevych made a report “Blockchain as a protocol of value transfer in the Robot economics” within the lecture hall of the main engineering show of Ukraine.

InCoForum 2019

Representatives of the business, scientific and political elite met at the IV International Forum of Innovations and Cooperation 2019 to discuss innovative mechanisms of development of Ukraine. Leonid Khatskevych at the panel discussion “Smart Technologies in Enterprise and Territory Management” spoke about the advantages of using blockchain technology in electronic document management.

Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019

One of the most important events in Eastern Europe Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019 took place in Kyiv on October 1st. The event was dedicated to the popularization of smart technologies and the implementation of innovative solutions in the real sector. Being a part of the huge Kyiv Smart City Forum 2019, Leonid Khatskevych spoke in section VIII. BLOCKCHAIN. DIGITAL SMART CITY on one of the most important events in Eastern Europe.

International IT Forum

High technologies are increasingly rooted in real life, and in September, brand the Digital State was presented at International IT Forum. The program implies a full transition of the document flow into the electronic format in the next five years in all spheres of Ukrainians’ life. Our Head of IoT direction also was at International IT Forum where he made a report “How does Blockchain technology change document flow at the national and international level”.

GUAM Summit 2019

The 482.solutions representatives took part in the summit of countries-participants of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development — GUAM — organization, aiming at the promotion of peace, security, stability, cooperation and sustainable development in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basins region. During the session, Head of IoT Department at 482.solutions and Ambassador of Blockchain Association of Ukraine Leonid Khatskevych stood up with a speech about the role of blockchain technologies in international economic cooperation. Leonid has also highlighted the significant role of education in the process of economic digitalization in the region.

The end of the Playbook, but the beginning of the future!

As you can see, this year was very busy. The 482.solutions team has determined for itself the directions on which work will be focused next year and is ready to turn the calendar page, entering 2020 with a clear plan and ambitions!