Epidemic isn’t a reason to stop your business processes | Guide for IT companies during the crisis

Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV has become a real challenge for the IT industry. Companies cancel all business trips, suffer deadlines and stop processes because of panic. Companies around the world are already forecasting a decline in revenue and are trying their best to keep the lights on.

For example, Twitter transferred its employees from Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to remote, and Facebook announced the cancellation of the large annual F8 conference for developers. 

Apple also warned of limiting iPhone shipments due to coronavirus, and investors were informed that the company would miss part of its revenue for the current quarter, including due to the closure of a large number of retail stores in China. 

The conference of video game developers in San Francisco, previously scheduled for March 2020, has been postponed, and the organizers can’t name new dates for the event - the situation in the world is unpredictable.

Due to the spread of coronavirus in South Korea, the factories of LG and Samsung were stopped. And in China, the equipment and components market expects a significant shortage.

Thus, the new type of flu really paralyzed the IT world and the popularity of outsourcing teams increased sharply because this is the only chance for companies to withstand the impact of the epidemic and close the quarterly report with positive indicators. 

482.solutions supports such an initiative and is ready to help companies that have problems with finding professional programmers who can create the desired product on time without the need for personal meetings and long negotiations. The fact is that our team has been providing such services for more than 5 years and our mission is to provide the best specialists to solve even the most complex tasks.

The first thing that representatives of IT businesses are facing right now is the search for developers for the most effective implementation of innovative solutions in a panic mood. 

We are sure that you also have a question - to form an independent development team or turn to a ready-made team that will provide an integrated approach to developing your idea.

Let's look at both options, but the decision is yours.


Attracting freelancers will be successful only if you set them simple tasks in the framework of short-term projects.

You can try to combine several freelancers to perform different tasks, but this approach is unlikely to show the desired results, because, being in different time zones, developers will not be able to build a successful interaction model with each other.

Although freelancers are easy to find and hire, these developers pose additional problems for business owners. Using the services of a freelancer there is always a risk of deadlines, which entails stopping the entire process. You also need to understand that the freelancer doesn’t bind you with anything (for example, a formal agreement), he can throw your order on half the job, your competitors can lure him by offering a large salary, moreover, he may refuse your order altogether without informing you about it.

As rule freelancers ask for their services less than professional companies since they are not burdened with having to maintain an office and pay taxes. But they give fewer guarantees for the performance of the work qualitatively because not every freelancer, unlike the company, will conclude a full-fledged contract with the customer.

Outsourcing company

It is easy to guess that a professional company gives more guarantees for the successful development of your idea. Working with the company guarantees maximum attention to the project, it will be worked out in detail, all the shortcomings will be corrected.

The company will always give you legal guarantees of its work and will take on all the internal coordination of the personnel involved in the phased creation of the product. 

Reasons to choose 482.solutions:

  • 482.solutions is a ready-made development team, where all communication processes are established. 
  • With the experience of developing in specific areas, there are no impossible tasks for us.
  • The company is able to provide the entire development cycle from scratch, starting with market research and ending with full-fledged product design.
  • The team of experienced professionals includes project managers, developers, designers, marketers, researchers.
  • We can work in different development processes - both Scrum and Kanban.
  • We have certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners who carefully approach the identification of requirements, work with prioritization, and prepare releases.
  • In the case of Kanban, our Business Analysts figure out all the client’s needs for the final product, and professional Project Managers are ready to deliver the final result on time.
  • To ensure the technical quality of the product, experienced Tech Leads work in the 482.solutions team.
  • The architecture of your project is the responsibility of an architects’ group that works based on best practices and proven approaches.
  • A strong development team, which includes professionals with different stacks, and with experiences in various areas.
  • There is a Quality Assurance team that is responsible for the quality of products, from validation, verification of requirements to testing.
  •  And Delivery Managers are responsible for the full compliance of the finished product with the expectations of the client.

As you can see, working with innovative technologies, we have gained tremendous experience that will help your company cope with a difficult situation and minimize its negative consequences.