Renewable Energy from Hydroelectric Plants: Unibright Collaborates with German Startup Launching the New Blockchain System

Unibright, a blockchain development company focused on the elaboration of various innovative projects for business improvement, announced they are working with the German startup Wasserkraft Mittelrhein on the new blockchain-based system for the provision of renewable energy by decentralized hydroelectric power plants. This project has started with two workshops organized by Unibright Solutions to prepare the implementation and usage of Unibright Framework in energy trading, monitoring, verification, and data analysis.

This project is a response to numerous issues that the centralized fossil fuel-based energy systems have faced, such as critical consideration of (carbon-)emission, environmental pollution, long-distance transmission and the general energy crisis that is present in all parts of the world. The smart grid concept perfectly meets the contemporary demands of the energy market, using interconnected power systems and smart measurement to improve the utilization of renewable energy sources that come from different producers and sellers.

Wasserkraft Mittelrhein is one of the leading innovators in the sphere of renewable energy in Germany that actively works on the project is generating energy from novel hydroelectric power plants (buoys). 

At the current stage of the project, they expect to install 16 power buoys into the river Rhine generating approx. 6.4M kilowatt-hour of electricity per year. Thus, it will be possible to produce energy for more than 1000 households and save approximately 6000 tons of greenhouse gas. Another great advantage of these power plants is that they can produce energy in a non-stop regime using the river’s current. 

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