IOHK Donates $500,000 To University of Wyoming To Launch The Blockchain Lab

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the parent-company for Cardano project, has donated $500,000 in Ada Cryptocurrency to the University of Wyoming. Alongside this great news, University has announced its partnership with IOHK, in the frames of which the company will have their lab at the college, helping them in their researches.

Blockchain development is now at its peak of development in Wyoming, and OIHK’s donation aims to support the university’s blockchain research activities, particularly the UW IOHK Advanced Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory domiciled in UW’s Cybersecurity Research Center.

IOHK plans to expand its academic researches in blockchain technology engineering. They have already sponsored other universities in Tokyo, Athens, and Edinburgh that have also developed their blockchain technology departments. The University of Wyoming will offer a different approach to smart contracts’ development on the Cardano blockchain system. 

The UW blockchain lab will provide the required tools and research resources to facilitate new innovations on Cardano. Together with that, IOHK included a verification tool to authenticate and map out counterfeits riding on Сardano’s reputation.