LCG Energy Launches Blockchain Initiative To Support Renewable Energy Projects

LCG Energy is one of the largest energy companies in Europe with over a decade of experience in the sphere that always seeks new opportunities and markets. Being a strong supporter of digital innovations, LCG decided to launch the first token supporting renewable energy projects.

Constantly getting to the new regions and improving the quality of its services, LCG has received a yearly revenue of over 40 million euros in 2019 and has over 55,000 customers in Germany and Austria. These are the main regions of its functioning, as LCG has received a license from German and Austrian state Federal Network Agencies for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts, and Railway. Thus, LCG is one of the largest energy companies in Europe and it is currently seizing new renewable energy projects, which common worth is approximately 80 million euros. Attracting new projects and ideas, LCG provides its investors with an opportunity to yield over 20% ROI and reach a projected revenue of 200 million euros in 2020. 

Being one of the leaders in the sphere of renewable energy, LCG believes that energy utilities have the ability to address the environmental threat without suffering from the increased costs of energy resources. 

Following the Italian energy giant Alperia S.p.A, LCG decided to conduct its own blockchain technology research and to elaborate optimal solutions for the energy market. The result of their long-term work was a project of the new token that will attract new finances to renewable energy projects. The focus on implementing digital technologies into the sphere of renewable energy opens new possibilities for small projects that can propose effective solutions to the growing demand in “green energy” that won’t grow in its cost.