Power Ledger Won a Contract With Italian Renewable Energy Giant

Australian-based blockchain technology company Power Ledger has successfully achieved a contract with Italian leader in renewable energy utilities Alperia S.p.A., becoming one of the winners of Alperia Startup Factory Innovation Camp. This partnership is a real breakthrough for the European market of renewable energy.

Aperia is one of the largest regional providers of green energy with over 280,000 customers. Implementing blockchain-based solutions, they will realize a series of new options for commercial and residential customers, such as:

  • energy trading;
  • tracking of origin;
  • product measurement and verification; 
  • reporting of renewable energy certificates.

Italy is a perfect region to start implementing blockchain-based technologies on a high level, being one of eight countries-members of the European Union to commit to phasing out coal by 2030. According to Power Ledger Co-founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Jemma Green, the implementation of new digital solutions to Alperia’s customer base will highly improve the overall speed of green energy market development in Italy, creating an excellent example for the European region. 

Power Ledger’s technologies will be first integrated into smart meters at Alperia's test sites to identify and measure the benefits produced by the innovation for its customers. Launching the second edition of Apleria Startup Factory was a step towards new opportunities for the renewable energy market and strengthening Aleria’s course towards digital innovations. Alperia CEO Johann Wohlfarter believes it is a powerful source of new technological solutions that will drive the company to the new markets.