Weekly News

The time flies, driving us to finalize the main tasks of the week this Friday and getting ready for the weekend. This week brought us series of news about the new blockchain-based projects and new perspective cooperations that will for sure have a significant impact on the world digital sphere. Hope you haven't missed the most interesting updates, but if you did - open our weekly news digest and browse through the most exciting events of the week! 

Walmart Canada and DLT Labs Launch World’s Largest Blockchain Freight and Payment Network

Walmart Canada together with DLT Labs has launched the world’s largest full production blockchain solution that will meet the demands of any industrial application. The aforementioned freight invoice and reconciliation solution is based on blockchain technology and is already implemented in more than 60 transportation carriers of Walmart Canada. The main goals of this innovation are growing trust, efficiencies and savings of both Walmart and its carriers. Since February, 1st all carriers of this nationwide network are brought onboard.

This solution was originally a response to numerous complaints about the lead-times to get accounts settled that came from local carriers of Walmart. This demonstrated the inability of the existing system to meet the requirements of a constantly growing supply network that could be solved with the implementation of blockchain technology. At this stage, Walmart required professional assistance of a partner with expert knowledge in blockchain-based systems development. 

The result of a yearlong partnership with DLT Labs was a blockchain-based solution for freight invoice and payment reconciliation that met all specific requirements of Walmart’s transportation system. The new system uses distributed ledger technology to track deliveries, verify all transactions and streamline payment and reconciliation process within Walmart Canada network that is currently working on delivering goods to over 400 stores across the country. 

OSIsoft Partners With Artemis Energy Services to Develop A Blockchain-based Solution

Texas-based Artemis Energy Services partners with privately held software development company OSIsoft to develop a blockchain-based solution that will track, trace and trade energy. 

The main goal of this partnership is the optimization of the electric grid and the provision of real-time data for transparency in compliance. The new elaborated solution is created for both individuals and operators within the market, enabling privately held solar energy and other renewable energy installations to get connected to the grid and actively engage in the marketplace. The new software bundle is expected to increase the overall grid efficiency by about 20%. 

Artemis Energy Services is a part of Artemis Technology Group - a startup that has developed a solution called Artemis Transaction Engine. This solution will integrate with OSIsoft PI System to get the local energy market to the new level. The security and transparency of data is the core priority for the energy market, which can be guaranteed with the implementation of blockchain technology, proving consumers with the products they need.

Blockchain-based Diplomas Saved South Korean Students From Coronavirus

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) will issue blockchain-based diplomas to its new graduates. This decision has been made amid the wide-spreading coronavirus, which represents the real threat to the numerous students of the institutions.

Understanding the potential risks connected with a graduation ceremony that brings together large amounts of students, the University administration decided to give their graduates an option to receive their diploma online. Thus, they will escape the ceremony and still receive the verified document. 

Today, on February, 7th, 828 new POSTECH graduates will receive an email with QR code that will lead them to their blockchain-based certification service Broof. Broof was launched in May 2019 by Korea-based company ICONLOOP, and it lets users issue, manage, and view online certificates ICONLOOP’s public blockchain network.

Being a verification and authentication method for all types of certificates, now Broof has perfectly met the needs of Korean students that require additional protection from spreading viruses while getting ready to start their professional career after graduation.