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What a week! Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work and communicate with each other. Thus, it became harder to cooperate with relatives and colleagues, or even to feel the required level of connection with the world outside. 

482.solutions perfectly understands these challenges, and to make you get closer to the social updates, we have created a weekly news digest, where we have collected some special news from the world of blockchain technology that will make you interested and excited.

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TikTok Implements Blockchain To Protect Against Copyright Violations

TikTok, one of the most popular social networks that has gained the peak of its popularity in 2019 and keeps growing its audiences, has implemented blockchain technology to protect the company from copyright infringements. 

TikTok, also known as Douyin created by ByteDance is a social network with one of the largest world audiences that attracted over 400 million users in China alone, and its growing popularity, the attracting of celebrity users and many well-known bloggers has for sure made the company aware of the perspectives of encountering some type of copyright violations from the very beginning. Some copyright infringements have been faced by the Baidu - Chinese Google analog that have created Huopai - a similar mobile app. This confrontation led to the uploading of a TikTok’s video to Huopai. 

In this case, TikTok had to prove the authenticity of the video materials that have been stolen from the network without permission, and they were able to prove the rights for the video content because of the data storage system made with blockchain that had all information about the video origin and the fact of copying. 

Thus, the court has officially found Baidu guilty of copyright infringement, giving TikTok the same copyrights that hare giving to TV shows and programs.

South Korean Blockchain Grant 2020 Reaches $3.2 Million 

South Korean blockchain grant founded by two state ministries has reached $3.2 million this year. Such growth of funding reflects the desire of the Asian country to promote the growth of blockchain by encouraging promising startups that have the potential to blossom into profitable blockchain companies.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and the Ministry of Information and Communication Industry Promotion will launch a pilot program called "Blockchain Technology Validation Support in 2020" to carry out the project. They will select nine most perspective projects and each of them will receive up to 450 million won ($360,000) in funding.

The best blockchain projects will be selected by the series of specific criteria, for example, the excellence of current performance, the feasibility of future performance and technology verification, solid business goals and savvy, expected results, and level of jobs expected to be created.

Westworld TV Series Develops Blockchain Angle For The New Season

Another evidence of the growing popularity of blockchain technologies: Westworld TV series by HBO have developed a new angle for the new season that will be based on blockchain technology. The new season of a world-famous TV series will include a blockchain-based app Rico, used by the novice criminals to promote their services. The app has been created by a man who believes in a groundbreaking effect of blockchain technology on society.

Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator and executive producer of the series, talked about this new blockchain-based innovation in his recent interview, where he explained that this app will be used by a wide range of criminals to tell about their talents, hire professional crooks and even recruit assassins.

The implementation of blockchain technology in the plot was made because of the growing popularity of blockchain-based solutions that are effectively implemented not only in the United States but in all regions of the world. Nolan thinks that the app similar to Rico can emerge in real life, being a great source of information and finances for the dark market.