New Stage in Exploring Asian Region: Singapore + Kuala Lumpur team continues to actively explore the Asian market. As part of our strategy for mastering the Asian industry, the company’s CEO Roman Kravchenko and Alexander Ivanov, Chief R&D Officer at, took part in these events:

  1. Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)
  2. SOHOM International Charity Bazaar
  4. Capital
  5. Ubin Phase 5 presentation
  6. Blockshow

In addition,’ representatives held a number of important meetings, met with Asian market players, strengthened our partnership and organized an interesting meetup. And now about this in more detail.

Singapore: holding meetings and participating in conferences

The first event in which our specialists took part was the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF).

This conference has been held annually since 2016 and gathers leading experts, developers, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of innovative technological solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, eGov, energy and digital services.

Within the framework of the conference, we held a series of meetings that will have a positive impact both on the development of and on the innovative technology industry as a whole. Let’s talk about some of them.

Exchange experience with Hyperledger

We are constantly working to strengthen our positions and expertise in the field of distributed energy, so one of the main tasks was to exchange experience with experts in implementing innovative approaches in this industry. As part of our meeting with Hyperledger Vice President Julian Gordon, we discussed the prospects for using blockchain technology in renewable energy in China. We were able to identify the main ways for further interaction of and Hyperledger, and also discussed possible options for cooperation in future projects.

The Hyperledger project is one of the technology leaders in developing open-source blockchain solutions for various industries.

Meeting with Soramitsu

Continuing the exchange of experience and expertise at the conference, we were able to meet with Makoto Takemiya, CEO of Soramitsu, the company that developed Hyperledger Iroha. We are pleased that we were able to identify possible ways of our cooperation and receive valuable information from one of the leaders in developing blockchain solutions in Asia.

Participation in the Ubin Phase 5 presentation

The team is always looking for new directions. The banking sector is one of those industries where blockchain technology has demonstrated its advantages. In this regard, we were very pleased to take part in the presentation of Phase 5 of the Ubin project and get acquainted with its representatives. This project focuses on the implementation of blockchain technologies in the banking sector, and we were able to discuss the prospects for the development of this area in the Asian region.

In addition to communication within the framework of SFF, we held a number of meetings outside the conference.

At the moment, our team is actively working on the implementation of blockchain technologies in the energy sector, so the meeting at CleanTech Park became very productive, during which we met with representatives of NTU (Nanyang Technological University), and with the head of EcoLabs Center of Innovation for Energy, Mahesh Kumar, who oversees a program that includes projects for the development of distributed energy infrastructure and Smart Grid.

We were also able to focus on discussing educational programs with NTU, as constantly develops educational activities and seeks to establish ties with universities and other educational institutions not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Moving from theory to practice, we were able to get acquainted with the most interesting projects in the energy sector, on the example of which we were able to assess the specifics of their development in the region. They are:

  • REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator — Singapore) is a project focused on creating a system for providing stable and affordable energy resources in South Asia.
  • VPP is a project developing a solution to optimize the operation of the power generation and supply system in Singapore.
  • DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Management System) is a system for monitoring and control of distributed energy resources. This project has great prospects, optimizing the work on the popularization of alternative types of energy by modernizing the resource management system.

Visiting Microsoft Office in Singapore

Microsoft is a real global tech giant, while its Azure project has a special place in the overall innovation project development. representatives have visited Microsoft office in Singapore, where there was held a fruitful conversation with Andrey Tereknov, Azure Marketing Manager, APAC HQ at Mircosoft. We have discussed the perspectives of the innovative APAC sphere. We want to express our thanks to Andrey for our productive conversation and excursion over the Mircosoft Singapore office.

Meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Singapore

The Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore provides comprehensive support in establishing relations between the technological sector of Ukraine and the Asian region. We managed to meet with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Singapore Dmytro Senik. During the meeting, we not only were able to share experience in establishing new ties in Singapore but also discussed the prospects of using blockchain technologies in the field of eGov, FinTech, as well as in the energy sector. We are very grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in Singapore for continued support and assistance in establishing new contacts in the APAC region.

Impetuous FinTech

In addition to participating in the Singapore Fintech Festival and holding meetings with our partners and colleagues, the team also participated in the 80RR FINTECH HUB SG INNOVATION LAB CRAWL 2019.

The Fintech industry is leading the way in the implementation of blockchain solutions. We managed to get a lot of useful information about the specifics of the development of the FinTech sphere in Singapore and the Asian region as a whole. As part of this event, we were able to exchange experiences with specialists developing their projects in the financial and banking sectors, which became a source of new ideas for us. is an active blockchain community member, so we’re s trying to strengthen our technological position in the FinTech field, therefore, participation in the Capital conference helped us to establish new ties with experts of this industry and hold a number of meetings with representatives of various companies, leaders in the development of financial technologies, not only Singapore but also throughout the Asian region.

The Blockshow conference was not the last in importance for us, in the framework of which we got acquainted with the ARAC system and representatives of leading blockchain projects who shared their latest improvements and cases. Within the framework of this conference, we were able to hold several meetings, as a result of which we were able to develop a number of new ways of cooperation and identify some of the most interesting projects for our future work.

Malaysia: new acquaintances and strengthening partnerships in Kuala Lumpur

Actively exploring the Asian blockchain ecosystem, are focused on the specifications and tendencies of each particular region. After visiting Singapore, we proceeded to master Asian industries in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

Ukrainian exhibition stand has been organized with the help of the Ukrainian Embassy in Malaysia and we were pleased to meet its representatives.

We gained a great experience getting acquainted with the most interesting and prospective projects of Malaysia during our attendance at SOHOM International Charity Bazaar. Various products of Ukrainian companies and the cultural heritage of different countries of the world have been presented throughout the event.

Cyberjaya. A space for startups visiting

It is extremely important for us to get acquainted with companies that are successfully developing the blockchain community around the world and are developing new technological approaches for various areas of business. The Cyberjaya technology hub brings together leading companies and startups, the interaction with which fully reveals to us the landscape of the Asian blockchain ecosystem. We already got acquainted with Malaysian Silicon Valley during our last trip. This time we have taken a few more steps to study the multi-stage and widely developed technological ecosystem of Asia.

Development of cooperation with ProximaX

It is extremely important for to strengthen existing partnerships, thus it was a great opportunity for us to hold a collaborative event with our partners and associates from ProximaX. In the frames of our meetup, we were able to share our achievements and general tendencies of innovative technological development in Ukraine and Malaysia. We had an exciting discussion, where took part Roman Kravchenko, CEO of, Lon Wong, Founder and CEO at ProximaX, as well as Alvin Reyes, Co-Founder, and CTO at ProximaX. Alexander Ivanov, Chief R&D Officer at, moderated this panel discussion.


For, achieving new horizons is an everlasting motivation for growth and development, both for our team members and the global blockchain industry. Taking part in the series of meetings and conferences during our visit to Singapore and Malaysia became a source of new ideas and targets. We were able to get acquainted with a number of new companies that develop within the spheres of energy and eGov, and to meet our associates and partners. Together with that, we received a lot of information about the specific development of the technological market in Singapore and Malaysia and also met with the ambassadors of Ukraine in these countries.

The Asian market is now on its development peak, and we were pleased to become a part of it. The next step for us will be the realization of our goals and building a whole chain of interaction with this region.